Messaging Checklist


In case you were wondering, here are the bare bones of an initial rollout of a messaging campaign combining web, social media, and print materials.  Often you will be presenting similar information and images in different shapes and sizes, and changing the info depending on the medium the message will be delivered in.  It is a lot of work, but advance planning saves you time when you do a coordinated campaign in advance — especially when you serve multilingual communities.

Messaging Checklist
1. Website
a. Banner (bilingual) with optional link to
b. Page with additional information in English and Spanish
2. Social Media – generic size can be 800 x 800px
a. Facebook Post(s) 940 x 788px
i. Photo plus info– English (2)
ii. Photo plus info – Spanish (2)
iii. Video – English
iv. Video – Spanish
b. Twitter (140 character limit, less 22 per link/image)
i. (10) tweets (English and Spanish) – sizes 1024 x 5212px
ii. Schedule tweets for 30 days to run staggered every other day
iii. Repeat as necessary
c. Instagram
i. Photo plus info – 2 (English) – 1080 x 1080px
ii. Photo plus info – 2 (Spanish)
3. Fliers
a. Patients (Bilingual)
b. Providers (optional – as directed)
4. Posters
a. English & Spanish – Bilingual if possible in case of limited wall space
5. Information Packages
a. English
b. Spanish