It has been awhile since I shared an updated version of the messaging checklist that I use as a guide to develop integrated marketing campaigns that involve multiple channels. Gone are the days I fuss so much about the particular sizes of images (thanks to Canva, Adobe Spark and Promo) or characters in a tweet. Now I focus on creating coordinated images and stories to be delivered along a combination of different channels depending on what the goal of the campaign is and who I am trying reach.

The mort important thing is to think with fresh eyes about who your customer is and how to get your program or event in front of them. Use out-of-the-box avenues where feasible — Next Door, Eventbrite, Google Business posts, for instance. Nonprofit doesn’t mean noncompetitive. It’s up to you to get your story across in a place your audience will find it.

Messaging Checklist

  • Website
    1. Banner
    2. Page with additional information
  • Flyer(s)
  • ECW bilingual messages
    1. Email
    2. Patient Portal
    3. Text
    4. Robocall message/voice mail
  • Social Media
    1. Facebook/Instagram Post(s)
    2. Twitter
    3. YouTube
    4. TikTok
  • Additional channels:
    1. Newsletter
    2. Google
    3. Bing
    4. NextDoor
    5. Yelp – special offer?
    6. Community Partners or Leaders
    7. Eventbrite
    8. Direct Mail
    9. Press Release
    10. Other:______________________________